Sex Therapy

Creating a healthy and fulfilling sex life is important. When couples (or individuals) encounter sexual problems, they often feel awkward or embarrassed finding what words to use.

You’re not alone.

  • About 40-60% of couples struggle with a sexual problem at some point in their relationship.

Common Sex Problems

  • Lack of interest in sex
  • Painful sex or difficult entry
  • Problems with Orgasm
  • Erection difficulty
  • Premature ejaculation
  • The impact of anxiety, depression and medication on sexual functioning
  • Sexual Addictions
  • Internet Addictions, Porn Addiction
  • Lack of time and energy for sex
  • Desire descrepancy (when two parnters have different levels of desire for sex)

Sex Therapy helps people overcome their fears and difficulties talking about sexual problems. Sex therapy is a highly specialized field of psychotherapy and behvioural therapy that allows couples and individuals to work on finding solutions in a comfortable way with a clinically trained expert in human sexual function.

Treatment may include –

  • A series of progressive exercises to practice between sessions to build knowledge, comfort and confidence in the physical, emotional and relational aspects of sex
  • Helpful sex education books and selected readings
  • Homework assignments (some of them are fun!)
  • Consentual consultation with your physician and other professionals

In most cases, sexual functioning can be improved with proper diagnosis, education and treatment.

Sexual Addiction

A healthy sex life can add to relationship satifaction. For some however, sexual compulsivity, obsessive preoccupation with sex, and unsuccessul attemts to stop, reduce or control the behaviour can be signs of a sexual addiction. Spending more time on a sex site and being less available to your partner, family or work may be signs of an internet addiction. John Henderson is a trained Sex Therapist, specializing in treating Internet & Porn Addiction (compulsive habits), as well as male and female sexual problems (Arousal, Desire, ED, PE).  He has successfully helped many men and women regain control over their urges and function.

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